Insurance Covered Breast Pumps make Breast Feeding Convenient

Nowadays, working mothers have the option to provide breastmilk to their babies even while at work. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act of 2010 that required insurance companies to provide insurance covered breast pumps, mothers can now save on cost while providing adequate nourishment to their babies. Insurance companies now work with breast pump manufacturers and suppliers to provide insurance covered breast pumps to their valued clients. These pumps vary in size and design as well as the price. However, since they are now covered by insurance companies, mothers can select the brand they would prefer for their breast pumps, provided they are authorized by the insurance company.

Will Insurance Cover My Breast Pump?

This is a common question most mothers ask these days. As mandated by law, health insurance companies are required to cover the costs of breast pumps for all mothers. Not only that. Mothers will also receive support and counseling for the whole duration of breastfeeding free of charge. However, if your plan was enrolled on March 2010, it is best to check with your insurance company on whether or not your plans have coverage for breast pumps or provide you with an alternative solution.

Most  insurance  companies  today are  shaping up   their  breast  pump  coverage  policies  for  all  breast feeding  moms.  In  addition,  if  your  baby  has  a  medical  issue,  you  have  a  chance  to  get  a hospital  grade  pump  you  need; but  if  your  baby  needs  to  initiate  milk  supply you  only require  pre-authorization  and  prescription.  Additionally, the  insurance  company  also  covers  the  cost  of  the  breast  pump  either through rental  or  a new  one  for  you  to  keep.

Health consultants will provide you with options on the type of breast pump you prefer to use, either electric or manual. You will also be given instruction on how to use and care for it.  In  some  cases,  your  insurance  plan  will follow  the  doctor’s  recommendations  on  what  is  good  for  you.

The Affordable  Care  Act

The  insurance covered breast pumps affordable care act  was  signed  into  law  in  2010.   The  law  was  put  in  place  to  comprehend  health  insurance  reforms so customers can be  in  charge  of  their  health  care. The  affordable  care act  is  striving  hard  to  make  quality health  care  more  accessible for  all  the  families. Every  plan  is  quite  different,  so  you  need  to  contact  your  provider  before  your  baby  is  born  to  comprehend  your  coverage.   It  is  also  your  responsibility  to  make  arrangements  for  your  personal  use  breast  pump.

insurance covered breast pump Obama Care  implemented is  a  provision  covering  breast  pumps  and  preventive  care  services  that  started  in  January  2013.    The  Obama  care  encourages  moms  to avail  free  breast  pumps  to breastfeed  their babies.  The  major  reason for  mandating insurance covered breast pumps is to  increase the number  of  breastfeeding  moms. Thus, this provision helps mothers to provide adequate nourishment to  their  babies.

Insurance companies now contract breast pump suppliers as a response to the ACA mandate. Even doctors now promote breast pumps especially for mothers who cannot be with their babies all the time. Companies that offer Insurance Covered Breast Pumps also  have a  toll-free  customer  service  number  that  you  can  contact when  you have any  questions. They have trained representatives to answer your queries and explain your insurance coverage as well as other services you are entitled to. Visit them online at HTTPS://INSURANCECOVEREDBREASTPUMPS.COM.