Ready to Volunteer in Bali? Here’s What You Should Know

Bali Island is in Indonesia. Every year, the place draws thousands of tourists from various parts of the world including USA, Australia, and more. That means Bali has something to offer to its visitors. On the side, Bali is one of the places you can consider for a gap year program if you are a college graduate looking for productive ways to spend that break.

As noted earlier, many visitors in Bali find it so interesting and enjoyable that they don’t want to leave. Some at least extend their stay. As a student on a gap year, you can have a great time exploring the island and acquiring new experiences while offering valuable services. Besides, as a student volunteer, you can take advantage of Bali travel deals to lessen your travel expenses.

Your Arrival in Bali

Once your plane touches down and you step out, the atmosphere greets you with a humid air filled with Hindu incense. Around the airport are regular offerings, believed to be a way of appeasing the demon spirits: palm-leaf square baskets, biscuits, cigarettes and more. As a visitor, it is already a signal that you are in a different culture altogether. The offerings are all over including restaurants and shops, sidewalks, and even in the forex bureaus.

The Airport Area

Even the architectural design of the airport reflects the Hindu temples. This has made the place associated with spiritual activities. Other visitors come simply to surf and enjoy the nightlife on the island, especially the disco nights at the capital. Every year, around four million tourists from different backgrounds visit Bali—and surprisingly, many of them want to stay longer.

Weather and Temperatures

In summer, the island has continuous sunshine. Winter experiences bouts of rainfall, but the weather remains warm. The gentle temperatures together with green landscapes are perhaps part of what lure many visitors to stay longer. In addition, the cost of living is low.

Working in Bali

When you visit Bali as a volunteer, you may be there just for a short period as your schedule permits. During this period, you should concentrate on your program and achieve your expectations. For example, if you wanted to improve your experience in the medical field, you should attach to a medical-related program that can help you remain relevant to your ambitions.

Gap year programs offer travel opportunities to student volunteers, which makes the process of volunteering less hassle. For instance, if you choose to take opportunities for volunteer India has to offer, you simply need to connect to a reliable organization that offers programs for volunteering in India.

In Bali, going there as a volunteer can save you from the stringent immigration laws of the country. Even for people who would wish to stay longer, the laws of the country are quite strict, especially for people who want to work in Bali.

However, if you are a location-independent traveler, you can simply work on the island for quite longer provided you have a stable internet connection. In the end, Bali remains one of the top destinations to spend a rewarding gap year. For more info, visit