The Push Towards Green Data Centers

With the passage of time, data processing has cut down the use of paperwork required for business functioning as well as increased the organization’s productivity. Businesses all around the world are striving to become completely paperless. Depending on measurable IT solutions for data storage and management, demand for secure and reliable data centres have been consistently increasing. But with all the saved paper, time and labor and increased efficiency, the expenses of power to drive the extensive flow of information has boosted at a phenomenal rate. It is estimated that data centres consume around 2%-3% of electricity in the nation.

data centres

Automotive industries have been always the target when it comes to throwing greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere while the enormous data centers have been neglected. There are numerous air-conditions set up to cool the endless servers of these centers which has caused them to major power usage. These centers are highly dependent on the continuous flow of heavy power for maintaining the permanent temperature regulation and ‘up time’. A lot of energy consumption has led to the origin of green data centers. More and more businesses are making infrastructure improvements and pursuing green data centers.

Methods of establishing Green data centers

1.      Alternative Cooling Methods: Some businesses with their infrastructure near water areas can use heat pumps to cool down their server rooms. Other organizations situated on large acres of land can use geothermal heat pumps. In colder places, especially northern areas, controlled dampers can be opened to let the cool air in during winter.

2.      Photovoltaic Panels: Solar panels play a major role in supplying significant amount of electricity for any company. Usage of solar technology has reduced the rates of more efficient systems.

3.      Passive Solar energy: Passive solar energy can be used to supply hot water to many organizations.

4.      Creative Landscaping: A lot of chemical fertilizers and huge amounts of water are required to maintain the vast expanses of green golf lawns spread out surrounding many organizations. Use of shrubs and more native plants can be used as company décor and also require very little watering and maintenance.

5.      Recycling: organizations must understand the value of recycling their servers. Every office must have containers for composting items and recyclable materials. Segregating these items saves on dumpster bills as well as recycling materials can be picked by salvage companies who can pay for them.

Organizations can easily turn into green datacenters implementing some of the above methods. Getting rid of used servers is not very complex and can be done through the help of virtualization. It is known that many businesses overload their servers with much archival information. Adopting virtualization can help the organizations free some space in the servers. Efforts for renewable data centres have been made on the home front and throughout the world.

Facebook, known for connecting people worldwide through social network on the internet, has also made an approach for cleaner atmosphere with improvement in its infrastructure. With the movement for green and high-efficiency initiatives in data facilities, allows many businesses to save a lot in the long run.