Tips on Buying Top Quality Email Lists for Your Marketing Campaigns

Planning to carry out direct marketing, telemarketing or email marketing campaigns? One key step that seems too necessary in acquiring leads is buying email lists to work on, to reach out to new clientele. Email marketing is inseparable from leads generation; you want to acquire the right leads and prospects that you can easily convert to generate revenues in your business. With thousands of companies, many of them bogus, offering emails lists, separating the chaff from the wheat can be a daunting task.

buying email lists

Why it is a daunting task

There are several reasons why due consideration must be given to the kind of company you work with in your email marketing campaign. Some companies recycle email lists or use very unethical methods to acquire leads. If individuals are not voluntarily opting into an email capture program, they will be even less willing to opt in to your marketing campaigns once you begin selling them the business opportunity.

This simple guide equips you with the tips that you can use to choose to buy email lists that will be highly impactful to your marketing campaigns. In an industry that is full of briefcases businesses snake oil salesman, it is easy to get ripped off if you are unsure of what you are looking for. Here is a guide that you can refer to when purchasing email lists either for individual or B2B prospects for your marketing campaign:

What is your target market?

It is important to focus on who you would like to target with your email market. When you understand your target market, it is easy to define the specifics when it comes to choosing the right email marketing campaigns providers.  List providers will provide selections or categorizations that allow you to choose the specific target market that you are looking for.  This way, you can work with the small usable chunks or modules that will suit your business and lead to great convertibility. It is a better approach than buying a vast database with fewer usable contact details.


There are times when you may need to put geography into consideration when buying email lists. This will be the case if you have a business where geography is a variable such as a restaurant, beauty business or fitness centre etc.  In short, if you have customers that are local, then you will need to factor in geography into your selection.

Live Person

Are you able to discuss your requirements with a live person behind the mailing list company? If they are committed to your business’ success, they should be available to answer your questions before you buy email lists.  Where you cannot reach a live person who is open about their business, then chances are that you will purchase bogus email addresses.

Ensure the email lists are not generic

Specify that you need actual email lists of people behind the addresses such as [email protected] instead of generic emails like [email protected]. You will get greater success with specific business emails instead of generic emails. Most generic emails are also captured “blindly” by web crawlers. On the other hand specific emails are often due to voluntary sign ups by users who are genuinely interested in the service.


Industry reputation is an important consideration when buying email lists. A company with a good reputation is basically doing a good job and meeting the expectations of its customers.

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